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Frequently Asked Questions


* When is the season?
> Practices start the first week of March  at the Aston Community Center Field (ACCF).
> The regular season is completed by Father's Day weekend.
* Where are practices held?
> Practices to mid-March will be at the ACCF.  
> From mid-March to the end of the season, practices and all home games will be at Pennell Field.
* When are practices?
> Practices are determined based on availability for the players and/or coaches.
> However, all traveling teams will practice at least two days a week.
> The Young Scoopers practice Sunday mornings.
* What are the team levels?
> pre-K thru K - Instructional Clinic (Bobbleheads)
> 1st thru 2nd graders (and new  - Instructional Clinic (Young Scoopers)
> 3rd & 4th graders - Traveling Team (C Team(s))
> 5th & 6th graders - Traveling Team (B Team(s))
> 7th & 8th graders - Traveling Team (A Team(s))
*  What equipment is needed?
> Grades pre-K thru 2nd (and new 3rd graders) - only need to have sticks, gloves and mouthpiece.
> Grades 3rd thru 8th - need full equipment: helmet, sticks, gloves, elbow pads, shoulder pads, mouthpiece and a protective cup.
*  Where are the games played?
> Our home games will be played at Pennell Field.  Our away games will be played throughout Southeast PA (most are within Delaware County)
* Is there a banquet?
> The banquet is typically the week leading up to Father's Day weekend.
* What is the cost of registration?
> Go to our registration link on our home page
* Is a uniform included in registration?
> No.  This coming year all (new) traveling teams will need to purchase their jersey (pinnie).  
> All traveling players will receive shorts as part of registration.
> All clinic players will receive a shirt as part of registration.
* How can we play lacrosse in the summer?
> If interest, there will be free summer clinics for the Aston Lacrosse players
* What is the best stick length for the elementary school lacrosse player?
> Minimum size for a lacrosse stick for high school players and other “big kids” is 40 inches.  These are the so-called short sticks in lacrosse.
> Most short sticks sold are either 40 or 42 inches.  40 to 42 inches is too long a stick for many munchkins.  While these sticks can help the kids pick up ground balls, they are very hard for some kids to protect and control.
> Cutting down a stick to 37 inches will greatly improve many elementary school players’ stick skills.  36 inches works well for the very smallest players.
* How to Size Lacrosse Equipment
> If available, here is a good link I found: